Steve “Stav” Drieman, known professionally as Gordon 82, is a composer based in London whose eclectic body of work spans 35+ IMDB credits across film, television, theater, video games, and beyond.
From the multi-million viewed The Russian Sleep Experiment on YouTube to the Amazon Prime thriller The August Club, Drieman’s distinctive voice has earned him accolades including a Best Score nomination for House on Water (short, drama) and the Royal Television Society winner A Very Uncommon Christmas (short, horror comedy). His music has been featured at prestigious festivals like Comic-Con, Rome International, and Aubagne International.
Drieman navigates a musical landscape that seamlessly merges diverse styles, each tailored to the unique needs of the stories he scores. His compositions are marked by thematic richness, boasting memorable melodies and motifs that intricately capture the essence of the narratives he accompanies. He is proficient in summoning a spectrum of emotions, from suspense and horror to romance and drama.
His musical prowess stems from classical training and a deep-seated love for cinematic and pop music spanning decades. Influenced by the melodious tunes of the 60s and the synth-driven sounds of the 80s, he draws inspiration from a wide array of sources. From the vintage charm of analog keyboards to the haunting allure of Scandinavian strings, his compositions pay homage to the diverse sounds that have shaped his musical journey. Drieman’s work serves as a contemporary love letter to the musical icons of the past, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.